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Our Mission

Did you ever see the 6 Million Dollar Man?

A fun show about an astronaut who was injured, rebuilt (for $6 million of course) and with a mission to battle evil for the good of mankind.

Our tour bus George has a similar story. He started out as a normal school bus. No name, plain yellow, doing a mundane job of taking children back and forth to school. We found him in 2017 and gave him a name (after Queen Charlotte’s husband) and remodeled him turning him into the ultimate brewery touring and tailgate bus. Working with local breweries, he brings hometown folks and visitors from afar on the tour of a lifetime!

His mission? To bring recognition to the GREAT brewery scene here in the Queen City.

He will accomplish his mission one tour at a time!


Brewster Tour

Charlotte Brewery Tours provides a unique experience in Charlotte, NC. Come hop on George (our bus) and visit three of some of the best breweries Charlotte has to offer!

At each stop, you’ll have the chance to sample beers, get a little history of the brewery and, at one brewery, get a behind the scenes private tour of the production facilities to learn how that particular brewery makes their beer. We’ll also give you a little history behind Charlotte’s craft beer scene.

Group/Private Tours

We do group tours for companies, apartment complexes, social groups, conventions, birthday parties, etc…

With a group tour you’ll get the same perks as a Brewster tour, but we’ll be able to customize the experience to your needs. We can pick up and drop you off at a location of your choice. We will also work with you to customize the route and destinations of your trip to maximize the experience for your group.

Group tours are very flexible and can be scheduled for any day of the week and at any time (as available).

Corporate Events

Are you visiting from another city for a convention and need something to do? Are you a local Charlotte business looking to show your employees a great time and boost morale? Are you a small business on a limited budget but you want to thank the people that help keep you in business?

We have the solution for you as Charlotte Brewery Tours offers customizable, corporate events. We can organize team building activities, coordinate food with one of our partners and/or just tour the local brewery scene.

Ask us how we can help you!

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